Welcome To Bethel Rays of Hope Ministries

our Mission Statement is 

To be a beacon of light reflecting the heart of God for the orphaned and the vulnerable.

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Each child is important and deserving of a future…

Bethel Rays of Hope is a charity that focuses on providing for children who are orphaned and vulnerable in the city of Kisumu, Kenya.

It is run totally on a volunteer basis and all money that comes in goes towards the work in Kenya.  

Our aim is to do more than just provide these children with food, clothing, and education.  We seek to do this within the context of a family unit.

We desire that they be trained in some type of job, consistent with their capabilities, so that they will be financially self-sustaining and able to provide for their own needs and that of their family one day.








We do this in a variety of ways:

  • By recognizing  God’s hand in everything we do.
  • By providing a “regular” family setting,  with a father and mother role model along with “brothers & sisters” to live with for children who might otherwise end up living on the streets ( or in the case of young girls, being sold into marriage).
  • By providing education, food, clothing along with medical treatment and counselling when needed.
  • Through giving donors the opportunity to support a family group –  not just a single  child but the entire family as they bond together.
  • Identifying areas of strengths for each child and facilitating opportunities for employment or further education when they complete their schooling.