Good morning all! IMG_1589

Yesterday we had only 23 children because the older ones went out to do a “roadshow” to promote the Crusade that starts today.

IMG_1599On their roadshow they will be singing, dancing, and evangelizing. They left after lunch, and did not come back until late in the evening! Mama Joskey said it was a perfect and complete success.
While all of that was happening, back at the orphanage we started the afternoon off with a reading and lesson about the Good Samaritan. After the reading, Joskey led them in a 15 minute discussion.
After the lesson they had the choice to be outside playing football and skip rope, or be inside with Jasmyn and Rae making bracelets.
We believe the fan favourite is becoming making friendship bracelets because it seems we have more and more kids everyday.
In the afternoon, the three of us took time aside to plan the next few mornings because it will be very hectic with the Crusade going on. Over the next few days we will arrive to the orphanage earlier than we have been, around 7:30-8:30 every morning. Then we will have the small group of kids from 9:00 am to around noonish. After lunch the kids will shower and prepare for the Crusade.Once they are all ready we will walk together.IMG_1554
Please pray for the Crusade. Pray that it is an overwhelming, God filled experience for many many people.
Also pray for safety as it is hosted in the heart of the slums.
Have a blessed day.
The Three Amigos.
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