IMG_2460Saturday was laundry day for the children and everyone came down IMG_2470with their little pile of clothes and soon the lines and bushes were covered with clothes!  It was also the day for the girls to get their hair pleated so the old pleats were removed and combing was done and then the girls were off to the hair dresser.


IMG_2462The guys finished the forming of the foundation and almost got the steel finished. They will finish on Monday and pour concrete in the afternoon.


Unfortunately, Sara had to let her trainee go. After several days of IMG_2477explaining, showing and demonstrating how to cut a straight cut on an angle, Milly was just not able to catch the right way of doing it. It was a hard decision to make and even harder to tell her but Sara has too much work to do for the manufacturing of the windows to get too far behind.  So, after doing their laundry and chores, Sara soon had other boys lined up to try to do the cutting with the hacksaw and Morgan had it mastered in one show and was then teaching others how to do it – holding their hands to guide – just like how Sara had done!  So it has been decided that when the older boys come from school, they will work with Sara for an hour or so and learn the basics of welding.











We are so glad to hear that Winnipeg is melting!.  For us, our weather is 32 C and muggy as it wants to rain but just doesn’t come. Talk to you later on.



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