Once again, thanks to Dave, we have a wonderful picture. This is one of the trees that have been planted a few years ago. 

Seth and Tony continue to work on the electrical getting things ready while the rest of the group are doing the general construction.  




This picture is taken from the soccer field.



The scaffolding is being get up for the cement to be placed on the outside.




The roof is strapped ready for metal and the end is now closed in with the opening for the exterior door that will have outside metal stairs coming down. 




Openings for the windows are cut and the corners wired and then the windows are installed.  Quite different from what we do in




Windows are made with security bars – not to keep the children in but to keep intruders out.

They will need to be sanded down to remove any cement and then a single pane of glass and paint and they are finished!





Meanwhile, life goes on and Rose is found sitting doing some book work after giving the kids their porridge breakfast break. 

I don’t know Wycliffe’s personal situation but I do know that he is one of the educationally needy children that we are looking for people to help sponsor for only  $7.25/month.  

This will provide him with the school fees and 2 meals each day as his family is not able to pay for him to go to school with any consistency.  Members of our team covered his school uniform and shoe cost (he had been coming but was not able to pay for the uniform – which is a requirement for Kenyan schools).   We have 20 of the 50 children already sponsored. Would you be able to sponsor one or two of these children?  Just send an email to treasurer@bethelraysofhope.com and Joan will send you the information.  



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