“So what’s been  happening since the last update?”  Well there was a real rain storm. Enough that Dave had small hail stones. Not that it stopped Seth from bringing out his soap and having a shower (sorry no pictures!).  This is the closest that they come to knowing anything about snow in this area.






Everything is turning green again – even the green trees look better looking out from the second floor window.  The cement work is being completed on the second floor. But in order to get the cement up there it has to made – by hand because there’s no power and then, of course, hand lifted by pails to those working on the 2nd floor. 







No wonder Seth needed a shower!







A view from the front and the top of the building.








Meanwhile, they were able to pour the cement floor for the front veranda and had enough “left over” to pour 1 1/2 more classrooms.  The classrooms are not fancy but functional and the teachers are happy for the cement floors.








We bid a very sad farewell to Sharayah, Curtis and Philip. The two men left their metal trowels for the local cement fundis and they were really thankful to have such excellent tools to work with. Enock, in the yellow shirt, is the man who is helping us with organizing things like scaffolding and materials along with Tony. And when you need something like 10 ft poles, you just go and pay and they are delivered by the tuktuk – no matter that they are sticking out the front and back of the vehicle.






Would you believe that there are 43 children plus all our team living in this house?  Where?  The boys have one room upstairs that they are crowded into and the extra have to sleep on the floor in the dining room. Every morning they remove their mats and clean up and bring them back. Someone has put a chair over an unsuspecting boy ready for that bell to ring in the morning! These boys have their clothes neatly packed in their locker boxes that are just under the stairs. Nothing is left out.






Seth and Tony must have left some tools out because Morgan and his friends are trying to strip some wire.  These kids are really interested in doing things and only look for people to teach them.  This is giving them lots of exposure to a variety of different trades that they might like to do in the future.








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