Well, it poured last night – probably about 2″ or a bit more. With no metal roof on yet, we had to mop out the upstairs floors again and push broom the downstairs.  Progress today:  the cement guys are almost finished the ceiling on the downstairs, the latrine cement was poured, the front of the house is fully painted, the back bottom floor is painted. the gable ends are installed and ready for cementing, and the fascia boards for 1/2 of the upper floor are painted and ready to go on first thing in the morning and THEN THE ROOF!!!!

This is a country of extremes:

  • hot and sunny weather  (34 C) and tonight it’s cold and wet (21 C)
  • washing the concrete off your bare foot with a smooth rock the size of your hand (we would wear rubber boots)
  • using a shovel and pick or jembe (a garden pick) or oxen and plow (we would use a router tiller or tractor)
  • tucking in your mosquito netting compared to just jumping into bed and pulling up the covers
  • showering in a basin of cool water in the rain or under the stars at night (missing the hot H2O)
  • working on a job site where there is laughing and joking around all the time.
  • having French toast and cracked wheat (porridge) more times than you want to think of.
  • roads that have huge holes or ruts compared to some that are very smooth – just with speed bumps
  • having a vehicle that never rusts!

Sunday Dave, Jack, Sheila, & Sharon went out to the Impala Sanctuary where Dave got this picture of the zebra.

After all the rain, we got up to a misty, muggy morning where we were thankful that we had spread gravel around the house so we could walk around. This is the driveway that used to be used. Now it is just a very wet, muddy area. The deep ruts we had filled in with soil from the foundation to make it more level. Now we have to level it out and put gravel on it.  It will eventually get hard again.

We are saying goodbye to Jack and Sieg early tomorrow morning as they board a bus to take them the 7-8 hour ride to Nairobi.  So here is a picture of Jack’s to end up with…. one of the many goats that would be eating right beside our table in the nearby garden.