The main floor study hall is finished painting. 

Jeff (Chamah) is helping Robert prime some doors  the final colour will be Chestnut brown. 






Randy started installing some of the interior doors. They still need the final paint. 

Meanwhile the fundies closed up the eaves up to the tin with concrete to close spaces where insects and bats like to move in.  Try standing on a ladder  doing this with a pail of cement and just light shoes or flip-flops on! A bit of a balancing act.





View of the sunset over the new overpass. Picture taken from the upstairs of the new boys dorm. 

Pastor Rusty arrives Wednesday morning in Kisumu.

Pray for him as he starts Wednesday afternoon speaking at the 3 day conference to the AIC church leaders, speaks Sunday morning at the Ramba AIC church located right beside Bethel and then completes Sunday with the dedication of the boys dorm Sunday afternoon.  Pray for health, strength and quick acclimatizing to the hot (32-34C) and humid weather.


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