IMG_0921Today was the arrival of the latest team traveling to Africa to work at Bethel Rays of Hope Ministries. After a solid two days of travel. four flights, 9hr time zone change, and a 40 degree temperature swing, we are here!!!  Dave Derksen, Rayla Croy and myself, Jim Croy.  We landed early afternoon and have spent the remainder of the day greeting adults and children. I truly have no hope in keeping up with remembering all the names.  Tomorrow the work begins. There is a long list of various items, some of which we will report on, some (like fixing the toilet) I will do you the favour of not reporting.

We have only been here a very short time but already the impact of being here in person has hit me hard.  After supper every evening Mrs. Chamah gathers all the children in the yard for a time of fellowship, prayer and singing.  Now I think most of us have seen and listened to the video clips of our children dancing and singing. But I must tell you that the emotional impact of being here with them as they worship in song, play and dance is something that I will never forget.  By the time they were done it was well after dark. That’s a good thing because they would be very confused to see this grown man crying. (it’s just the jetlag, I’ll be better and more composed tomorrow, honest)

Tomorrow I promise to include a few more pictures.


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