Gods glory at work

Gods glory at work

We wish everyone back home a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. The sun is down here, it’s been dark for a while now. The children are just completing their singing, dancing and devotional with Mrs. Chamah. And as they start into their bedtime routine it’s great to see that the Library is the place to go after homework and chores are done.

But lets start with how Saturday ended. with the NeverEndingSoccerGame……








Now don’t get me wrong, I love the game. But from the moment I posted the blog yesterday (late afternoon) until we called the game because the adults could not see the ball….. we played hard!!

20150314_180936I stayed in Goal, far safer for me there and I even made a few awesome saves. They think I’m a good player, and I have no intensions of correction them!!

But lets talk about today…. The only day that starts slow. Church service is next door so all the kids just pop through the gate. Pastor Chamah’s car was dirty so suddenly there is car washing spree (before church service). They appeared to be in a hurry and we found out later it’s because it was a surprise for Pastor. He had not asked for a car wash but the boys are always looking for a way to surprise their Dad.








Then the day is a casual system of manual laundry and cleaning rooms. until we all collected in the main room downstairs with some very loud and very hi impact music. ALL the kids dance, and I have to tell you that I was sweating just watching them go….  We have some amazing footage and I wish I could send some, but you get a little picture for now. And a promise to create a great video of our family showing you what they can do!!










I’ve leave you with a couple kids. This is Richard, he needs a sponsor. He is a shy and very serious boy. I think he was worried about why I was asking for a picture. With all the kids coming for a picture when they see the camera, Richard will not be one of them.
















And this little sweetheart is Victorina with Rayla. She has a sponsor and we were talking to her about who her sponsor is so that she could understand what it means.  I wish I could have this conversation will all the kids.















We hope you are able to enjoy a long relaxing Sunday…… we have!!!!


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