About us

Our history:

In the late 1800’s a family moves to the Kisumu. One of the children, James, becomes a missionary to the Congo but returns to Kisumu to settle with a wife.  James donates land for the first AIC church in Kisumu.  One of his grandsons is Pastor Martin Chamah.


In 1997 Pastor Chamah and his wife Edith found themselves taking in children due to family crises when parents were dying of AIDS or killed in fighting.  Shortly after,  retiring missionaries with African Inland Mission, Sieg and Ursula Grafe, appealed to their supporters to continue supporting this couple as they worked with the orphaned. This was the beginning of Bethel Children’s Home.chamah3                                            (click to enlarge)

In 2007 several members of the Board travelled to Kenya to help repair and paint the orphanage. In 2012 Africa Inland Mission asked that the work of the orphanage become independent from them.  In June 2013 charitable status was granted and the name was changed to Bethel Rays Of Hope Ministries to better reflect the future direction of the ministry. The name of Bethel Children’s Home is still used for the orphanage. A Trust has been established and Edith Chamah is the Director of the ministry with a new home built on the donated property in early 2014.

And here we are…..    about to launch into a very new quest… and yet the work has already been ongoing for a great many years. We believe that this has always been God’s plan and we are just instruments carrying out his design.

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