Our Work …

Bethel Rays of Hope currently has two major activities:

Family / Child sponsorship

Benjamin,Erickson & SolomonOur program allows for a young orphaned child the opportunity to grow up in a normal family setting.  These are the children who have no one on whom to rely. So we ask people to consider sponsoring not just a child but, in essence, the whole of the family.

Then there are some orphans who are able to live with their relatives and receive some food and shelter but they are not able to attend school because the cost. In these cases, we  take on the sponsorship of these children in their own home settings, paying for the school fees, supplies and sometimes simple things like a mattress and blanket plus, depending on the individual home situations, provide them with a meal right at Bethel Home.


Bethel HomeOur focus is on the well being of the children and their education. Yet, without the infrastructure, we cannot carry out the task. In 2014  the main home “Bethel Home” was built. This now provides a home for 20 children to call their home. It  also has a dining/study area that allows for  the seating of  40 people. A kitchen/cooking area, storage for food and an office area are also contained in this building.





help us build a desk -$20


Bethel Home is large enough for us to start our own Kindergarten & Grade 1-3 program as a “test run” the fall of 2014. By providing our own teachers, we will save on the cost of sending these children out to public schools. The big bonus will also be in the time saved each day as school hours will only be from  7:30 am to 4:30 pm giving the children time to learn other skills and play.


Where we work

We are located on one acre of land that has been given to us in the city limits of Kisumu, Kenya. Kisumu is a thriving town on the edge of Lake Victoria and boasts being the second largest in the land (next only to Nairobi). They have a population of almost 400,000 and it is the third largest city in Kenya located on the shore of Lake Victoria. Situated right on the equator, the climate is hot all year (28 – 30 C). Rainy seasons are between March and June and in November.

This area of Kenya has been hit very hard by HIV/AIDS and many children have been left to provide for themselves. Those who are lucky to still have a relative or an elderly grandparent to live with are fortunate.  But the toll of this disease has left many orphaned and alone. We have two slum areas within 500 meters either way of our property with many children who are in desperate need.


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