The Chamah Family …

Pastor Martin Chamah and his wife, Edith, operated the orphanage in Kisumu since 2001 when Sieg and Usrula Grafe retired from the ministry with African Inland Mission. They opened their personal home to this ministry in part because of their own backgrounds. Mrs. Chamah had been orphaned as a young child and Pastor Chamah had been supported as a child by World Vision. The care of orphans has been a burning passion on their hearts since their time at Bible college. Their lives have touched  numerous children and young adults.

Martin Chamah works full time as the Kenyan director of Christ Hope International, an organization that works with children and the AIDs epidemic.  He also oversees the orphanage operations along with the Kenyan Trust Board.  Edith was the director of the orphanage and took on the responsibilities of the day to day care of the orphanage and overseeing the staff as they cared for the children.  Her work was essential for the sustaining and growth both physicallyand spiritually for our children.  She was Mama to kids who did not have a mama.  Unfortunately Edith passed away from illness in 2021.  Her death left our children once again without a Mama, and our organization without a crucial leader.  She is missed every day.   

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The Chamah Family