The shotcrete guys were working till 9 last nite because the pressure was on them. They were 2 days late to start. They are only doing the outside and have a bunch left to complete 1st coat. The fundies have finished all interior walls and have a good start on the final coat.  In order to pour the upper flour on Monday, the inside and outside of the walls have to be completed and strong.   

Here comes the bucket brigade!

So we even have the younger “crew” coming on “duty” after school if finished. They are eager to help out in the ways that they can.  It is good for them to feel part of the team though only to a limited extent, of course. 

And the “Rafter Boys” ?

Well, the lumber is a challenge to say the least!  Twisted and rough cut.  And when you need a couple of pieces of plywood and find out that the cost of transportation is too much, well, just pick them up and carry them back to the property!  No problem for Philip and Curtis.  But they were laughed at because that’s how African women carry things.  (I don’t know how African men carry things, come to think of it.)





Even Aunty Rose got into the work team (and out of the kitchen) as she helped to screw some of the trusses together.  Seth is guiding her along.  We have a wonderful team of staff there at Bethel Children’s Home. Uncle John, who is both cook and part-time grounds keeper can be found carrying water to wet the cement so that it doesn’t cure so fast or giving a hand with the pouring of cement and during the night he is staying over to be the “other guard” to make sure that no one comes around the house area while the other paid guard also walks around. He can be caught taking “40 winks” in a chair during the day – but it’s  a requirement these days.  Rose and Jackie are our two matrons who are almost non-stop in their work.  And when they are sitting down preparing the food for the children you can usually hear laughter and singing.  Rose says that singing doesn’t allow for the devil to find his place there.

Dave caught Sharayah taking a break but he probably didn’t realize that she was answering back some of my questions!  No break for this girl! Though I’m sure she is missing her three boys!  For the families that are supporting this whole team while they are away –  THANK YOU .  Without your support we would not have your family member here on the team.  And if you can see Randy’s smile it’s because there are great workers both there now, those who have been here and those who will be coming. 






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