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Perogies ready to sell!

This is a fundraiser for the orphanage that will go towards the cost of food for feeding some of the community children who do not get evening meals at home so they will eat that supper time meal at Bethel.… Continue reading

Looking in the windows…

As of this date we currently have 210 students attending Bethel Christian Learning Centre. The classes start from Baby class (3-4 yrs old) and goes up to Grade 8. This is the age group where many moms look for “child… Continue reading

Happy Birthday – December 23 2018

December is a day of celebrating for many things – and one is when we have the birthday party for the sponsored children. The children have already picked out clothing that fits them and now they all celebrate their “unofficial” birthday. Enjoy the pictures.

December’s Youth Camp

Pastor Joel teaching

There were over 100 children involved in the Youth Camp this past December. Pastor Joel Rhoney was teaching on the Bible character, Joseph.

With so many children in attendance, the Kenyan team made the decision to have… Continue reading

New cook stoves

For so long we had needed to have better facilities. We had tried to build something there for their use but it needed modification and so was never used.  So we ended up turning to something more expensive but Kenyan and… Continue reading

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