Becky Achieng (2)Bethel came into contact with Becky as she was attending school in Grade 3.  But after 3 months, when they inquired as to how come she was not able to pay any school fees, it was discovered that Becky’s situation was extremely poor – not unlike many of those around her.

But recently, it just got worst. Becky’s mother died and she was left in a slum rental house by herself. She is only 9 years old.  When this was brought to Mrs. Chamah’s attention, Becky was taken to Grandma Chamah to stay with her until she can be sponsored and come to live at Bethel Home.

Would you or someone you know like to help her out.  For $50.00/mth, you can provide the food, clothing, education and medical needs for her.  But more than just that, you place her into a family again where she is accepted and loved for just being herself.  Let us know by contacting

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