Building Projects …

Bethel Home

Bethel  Home (completed 2014)

The first project was the building of the primary home in 2014.

This will be the largest building as it now houses the current family that was designed for 20 orphaned children.

It has a kitchen and dining hall that will eventually be used for future  ‘families’. 

This first phase also included fencing around the property.



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Main Structure – Front                                            

Main Structure – Back

Interior – Second Floor                  

Interior – Main Floor






 Boys Dorm, Library/study hall, guest rooms …..   coming this January 2017

Bethel Home was designed, at capacity, to handle 20 children but it has been filled with 32 children!  It was soon apparent that the older boys needed to have more space, so 5 were moved out to the metal house that had been built in  2012.  This still left 11 young boys in one bedroom!

Now we must build a proper boys dorm so that each will have their own space.  The boys will be on the upper floor, along with a patron (a male who will supervise them) but they will still remain as part of the Bethel family: eating  and being together in everyday situations.

The main floor will house an open area for the library/study hall and will hold some guest rooms for when people want to come over to visit or work.  It will be the same size as Bethel Home just without the kitchen or dining area facilities.

Donations are still needed to help us meet the cost of constructing this building. If you are able to help, please check out under “Gifting”.  And if you would like to come along to help with the work project, go to the page of “Becoming Involved” and download, fill out and send back the form for the “International Volunteer”.

Pictures will be coming shortly


Future Building Projects

Sensing the vision that God has given to us, we can see the need for additional projects.  When these projects get started will depend entirely on contributions. The only thing holding us back is having the funds to continue.

  1. A school for the our own sponsored orphans as well as for the poor in the surrounding community.
  2. A medical Dispensary for the community with help and training.