Phanice (2)Meet Phanice.  She is 7 years old and lives with her mother and 2 brothers, Christopher and Silvanus. However, Mom has HIV and her legs are so swollen from arthritis  that she cannot walk anywhere so she is unable to provide for the very basic needs of the children.  Mom has tried in the past to use a couple of sticks to help her move (by crawling) to bake something to sell or do some crafts to sell.

Mrs. Chamah found the children at the local garbage dump in the slum area where they live picking through the garbage for anything that they could eat.  They live in a poly (plastic) house made from plastic bags just outside the gates of Bethel.

The two boys have sponsors but little Phanice does not have someone. Would you be interested in helping her?  The  three children have been accepted into Bethel because the need was so great that it could not be ignored. They have been given 3 meals each day, clothing, education and the care that is needed for them.  I can only imagine the relief that Mom is experiencing – to know that her children are being taken care of. If you know of someone who might like to sponsor Phanice for $50/month, please send an email to the  You will be making a little girl very happy to know that there is someone out there that loves her enough to help her out.

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