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Sorry for the journal slip there, Rae got negative sleep last night because she was silly and stayed up until the early morning and watched movies.
Yesterday was the “hump” of the week, but only because it was Wednesday.
IMG_0828 (1)IMG_0834IMG_0873We had a total 83 children yesterday, making the day less busy or intense. A very relaxed day all in all of just sitting in the grass with the children and cheering on the men and women who were playing football.
The activities of the day included finishing the story of Noah and the Ark, which we are assuming they enjoyed.
IMG_0966After lunch we played the three legged race with the older kids, which was hilarious and turned out to be very competitive. (Jasmyn is right in there with bare feet!)
IMG_0920The second activity of the day was with the younger children and it was the Ultimate Cheerio Throwing Extraordinaire! Ok,maybe it was just us putting shaving cream on children and throwing Cheerios at their faces.. But still, just as fun.
As for the points Gold finally took the W!! Just kidding, but we did get on the board with four points. Red is in lead with 14, and Pink a close second with 10.
Tomorrow Gold shall get in the double digits, without a doubt.
Just one final thought –  Don’t you think that Raeanne really fits right in here?  And you’ll have to ask her & Jasmyn IMG_0994when they are back how much they enjoyed the trip
Please continue to pray for strength, safety and good health as we approach a busy weekend.
All the love,
The Three Amigos.
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