Upcoming Events

Please watch for our upcoming events in May.

A Spring Tea, a Community Yard Sale and the Rays of Hope 5 Km Run.

Details will be provided shortly.

Final touches

They’re painting the bedframes and will carry them upstairs and assemble them. 

The plague for the building is now attached and ready for the dedication on Sunday.


Painting is now mostly done. Some touch ups just needed. Hanging doors,… Continue reading


Bethel had 3 perogie making bees under the supervision of Janet Dyrunnamedda of Blue Sky

Bakery, Teulon. We made approximately 450 dozen perogies- that is 5400 individual

perogies!! As we progressed, we were working like a… Continue reading

Day 1 of the Crusade.

Hello! Hello!   What a day yesterday was!

What a day yesterday was!

We arrived very early but the morning was filled with running around, trying to get the older kids ready for the day, making it very hectic.… Continue reading

Remembering the Past Night….

Saturday night a wonderful group of  35 all “hung out” as we Remembered the Past and Looked towards the Future. 70's groupWe toured through the museum buildings and Dr.Hunter’s house who had been a missionary to the Teulon area many… Continue reading

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