delivery of bedding plants

What a wonderful bunch of plants we had delivered this past Thursday from GlenLea Nursery.

photo 1photo 2photo 3







The most glorious flowers ever plus one lady had a large green tomato and another lady had red strawberries… Continue reading

Perogy Helping Hands!

Bethel would like to thank all the hard working volunteers who helped make our perogy sale such a success!    450 perogy febdozen!  Janet Dyrda spearheaded this project and it wouldn’t have been possible without her Teulon brigade of… Continue reading

BOOT CAMP – March 12th

Christina from Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning is volunteering her time to do a Boot Camp at New Life Church in Stonewall as a fundraiser for Bethel Orphanage. Come  and see what it is all about!

Comments from some enthusiasts… Continue reading

Bethel’s Helping Hands

perogies kidsThanks to all the volunteers that have assisted us with various events.  Bethel could not function and grow as we feel God is leading us, without so much support.  As we strive to do more fundraising for the… Continue reading

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