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Classroom for Grade 8 is built

The last classroom is now finished. The metal walls up and there is now cement on the floor and it’s ready for the Grade 8 class that will be the first time for Bethel Learning Centre. Previously we had only… Continue reading

Time for a party? A Birthday Party!

It’s impossible to celebrate all their birthdays on the individual days so the answer is to celebrate everyone’s birthday on one day.  Everyone enjoyed a  pop, cupcake, some sweet treats and lots of fun.   Traditionally, the birthday person is chased… Continue reading

Thanks Dave!!

How hard is it to get involved and help out for Bethel Children’s Home?

Some people think that it can  be:

  • you need to be really smart or talented
  • that it will make you do something you don’t want to… Continue reading

Fall Supper this Saturday

Just want to invite you and your friends to come out to the Fall Supper and our Ford Fund Raiser.

The Supper is from 3-6.  The Ford test drive is from 1 – 6.  Bring along a friend and go… Continue reading

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