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Annual General Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM for Bethel Children’s Home (Bethel Rays of Hope Ministries) tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 7 pm at New Life Church.

Come for a review of what happened in 2017 and what is going on… Continue reading

Classroom for Grade 8 is built

The last classroom is now finished. The metal walls up and there is now cement on the floor and it’s ready for the Grade 8 class that will be the first time for Bethel Learning Centre. Previously we had only… Continue reading

Time for a party? A Birthday Party!

It’s impossible to celebrate all their birthdays on the individual days so the answer is to celebrate everyone’s birthday on one day.  Everyone enjoyed a  pop, cupcake, some sweet treats and lots of fun.   Traditionally, the birthday person is chased… Continue reading

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