Sorting of Christmas Clothes

Can you can imagine shopping for 64 children?  Rarely do any of us do that many children but when you come home with several loads of clothes and shoes then there is the organizing of who fits what outfit and… Continue reading

Christmas Gifting

The Christmas Season is fast approaching and with it our Christmas gift list. Can we offer a suggestion?

Some loved ones on our list have everything and don’t need anymore “stuff”. For some on our list, we buy some little… Continue reading

Annual General Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM for Bethel Children’s Home (Bethel Rays of Hope Ministries) tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 7 pm at New Life Church.

Come for a review of what happened in 2017 and what is going on… Continue reading

Classroom for Grade 8 is built

The last classroom is now finished. The metal walls up and there is now cement on the floor and it’s ready for the Grade 8 class that will be the first time for Bethel Learning Centre. Previously we had only… Continue reading

Time for a party? A Birthday Party!

It’s impossible to celebrate all their birthdays on the individual days so the answer is to celebrate everyone’s birthday on one day.  Everyone enjoyed a  pop, cupcake, some sweet treats and lots of fun.   Traditionally, the birthday person is chased… Continue reading

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