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Classroom for Grade 8 is built

The last classroom is now finished. The metal walls up and there is now cement on the floor and it’s ready for the Grade 8 class that will be the first time for Bethel Learning Centre. Previously we had only… Continue reading

What to take, what to leave?


Christmas and New Year’s Day have come and gone again. 


Now the preparation for our trip is in full progress.  We have been packing, unpacking and repacking to try and get as much over to the orphanage as possible. … Continue reading

New classrooms

new classrm1At the end of December we started to build the additional classrooms that we new classrmsneeded:  one for Grade 6 for the next school year in January and another large one to move the youngest children (3 & 4 yrs.old)… Continue reading

30 new Children need a home

As of Aug 28,2014 we had 30 children show up for intake information needed for entry into Bethel Home and 14 children for the Home-Based (meaning that they are able to still continue to live with a relative but need… Continue reading

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