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Day 1 of the Crusade.

Hello! Hello!   What a day yesterday was!

What a day yesterday was!

We arrived very early but the morning was filled with running around, trying to get the older kids ready for the day, making it very hectic.… Continue reading

Good morning all! IMG_1589

Yesterday we had only 23 children because the older ones went out to do a “roadshow” to promote the Crusade that starts today.

IMG_1599On their roadshow they will be singing, dancing, and evangelizing. They left after… Continue reading

Friday – Day 5

Can you imagine this much fun???? Day 3

Good morning fgjghchbgfvdxgkjlbgcfghjg.

Sorry for the journal slip there, Rae got negative sleep last night because she was silly and stayed up until the early morning and watched movies.
Yesterday was the “hump” of the week, but only because it… Continue reading

From Kenya with Love – Day 2

Good morning all, yesterday was even better than the day before.

Y T - games 2The weather was a definite help with getting the children to be active and playing games.
Beside football,(soccer) the game of the day was Musical Chairs which was completely… Continue reading
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