Sunday Feb 8

IMG_1257Yesterday started with Kevin (aka Emmanuel) starting to prepare the base for the water tank to sit on. IMG_1255 IMG_1256 He had 3 of the older boys and they worked to level and make a square foundation.  The boys just loved… Continue reading

Jan 30 Drowning….. in paperwork!

IMG_1155Since we’ve been here one of our roles has been to get all the necessary forms ready for Bethel Home and Bethel Learning Centre – job descriptions, performance appriaisals, code of regulations, leave of absence forms, employment forms, etc…. … Continue reading

Tues, Jan 26 One Big Family

IMG_0843Pastor Martin Chamah and his wife, Edith, had operated the orphanage in Kisumu since 2001 when Sieg and Ursula Grafe retired from the ministry with Africa Inland Mission.

They had opened their personal home to this ministry in part because… Continue reading

Jan 24 Break -in happened

Sunday night the compound was broken into. The fence was cut by the house and only a chair and a large bucket of water was stolen. However, upon Mrs. Chamah’s investigation it was suggested that either our security company or… Continue reading

Jan 23, Say “HOWDY” to our staff!

Rose 2015Bethel of Hope Ministries has been blessed with a wonderful Christian staff. Everyone that works here loves the orphans and are so caring and encouraging with them.  Everywhere you look, you see the staff engaged with the children’ –… Continue reading

January 22nd FAMILIES


Victorine and Rael

George, Job Moses & Carol

George, Job Moses & Carol

“Bethel Home – One family we stand”.  The children at Bethel treat each other as siblings but we acually have 11 sets of biological brothers and sister here.  These are… Continue reading

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