Sunday, Jan 26th

Our kitchen

Flew to Kisumu in the morning and still made is to the church service at the AIC Ramba church (located right next door to where we are building) We were introduced and had a pop and biscuits with… Continue reading

Saturday, Jan 25th


Pastor Chamah, Randy & Joan headed for the Nairobi markets for checking out prices for the fencing and paint. We were not going to take a chance on the toilets & sinks traveling the road to Kisumu. This took… Continue reading

Friday, Jan 24

the drive

This MIGHT look like the weather in Canada lately but it is the dust that we traveled in to get to the National Housing Corporation where we were buying the building materials and later to the work site.  (ps:… Continue reading

Thursday, Jan 23

Africa 2014 115

We visited the city of Amsterdam for part of the day – a city of canals that was cold and rainy that day.

Wednesday, Jan 22,2014

Sieg & Ursula with long time friend from the Congo

Sieg & Ursula with long time friend from the Congo

On our flight from Montreal to Amsterdam,  Sieg & Ursula sat down in their assigned seating only to find an only friend that they had known from  years… Continue reading

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