The last classroom is now finished. The metal walls up and there is now cement on the floor and it’s ready for the Grade 8 class that will be the first time for Bethel Learning Centre. Previously we had only gone up to Grade 7.  School starts at the beginning of January.

But this is the last grade that Bethel Learning Centre can add.  After that we will try to provide some type of trade school or high school for those children who show themselves academically able to manage the studies. 





If you have a used and working laptop computer, we would appreciate it if you could donate it to Bethel. We would take them the next time we are going over. The thought is to teach a computer class, particularly the girls, so that when they finish Grade 8 they would be able to learn computer skills that would help them to find employment. 

If you have training in this area of teaching and would  be prepared to stay in Kisumu teaching young adults computer skills for approx 3 months, please contact us.  This is a non paying job that should be available for January 2019.  If you are an IT person and would be willing to help us prepare the computers and then maybe set them up please talk to us as well.