This is one of the windows that we saw in the night with flames flaring out. This is the inside pictures now.  The door (on the left) has been burnt as well as the beds.  

So what is the damage?  The beds, mattresses, blankets, clothing, school uniforms, their scribblers, backpacks.  Then structurally: the ceiling boards, some of the windows are bent from the heat, fascia, painting and patching of cement work.

What has to be assessed?  The building panels that are located within the cement walls (someone is coming to check into that);  the trusses that are still standing upright; the metal that still remains on the roof.


New mattresses and blankets have, once again, been purchased.  And David is starting to weld up new beds for the girls.






If you are able to donate towards please send a cheque to Bethel Rays of Hope Ministries, Box 778 Stonewall, MB R0C 2Z0, or email and we will contact you further or phone Joan at 204-461-0816 or Don at  204-793-6605


Continue to pray for God’s protection on Bethel.  This has traumatized not only the children but the adults as well. The Red Cross has come and they have offered some counseling and will be returning tomorrow. (Remember that many of these children come from backgrounds where they have already had to deal with real struggles.) When we come to God and pray we are reaching right into the very throne room of Heaven and God bends His ear to hear us. Let’s see what God can restore out of this seemly mess.






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