IMG_2638Today was the “big pour”! And how wonderful it was to have the truck roll in about 9 am  followed by the 2nd truck an hour or so later and be finished for a late lunch!  Because it’s so hot and we are so close to the equator line, we have to water it down to slow down the curing of the concrete in the afternoon and evening and for the next couple of days. 





IMG_2640We were thankful for the 3 concrete men (fundies) who came to help with the finishing of the cement. It made is so IMG_2655much easier.  So the 6,000/= that was used ($76.00 Cdn) was well spent on the local labourers who helped us. And our own people – guys & girls – worked very hard. Randy is taking it easy while Al is “suggesting” something different!  We had a little extra cement that went out at the back of the house by the kitchen area. Robyn and Emily were working hard to smooth it out.

Austine’s foot was dressed again today by Cathy and it is looking so much better that she is quite sure that by the time she is going home, it will be healed and not needing a skin graft.  He has been a brave trouter. 














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