The events of this week have been a challenge. To see how easily life can slip away, can be and has been a very scarcely thing for the occupants of Bethel Children’s Home.  It was about 8 pm or so (their time) Wednesday  that a fire broke out upstairs taking with it mattresses, most of the ceiling board, beds and the girls clothes and school books. 

Thankfully, all the children were downstairs doing homework or reading but you can imagine the panic to make sure that no one was left behind.  This has taken a great toll on ALL the staff there at the time and also the children. 

The Red Cross has come and given counseling to the family and has helped by cleaning up the debris. Now we wait to have the people come to check for the structural integrity of the building – particularly at one end. From there we will determine the next course of action. 

Let’s thank God for His sustaining hand of protection upon the orphanage even when during these times for it might have been worse, but it was not.

Pray for the family as this leaves Martin & Edith Chamah with the responsibility of calming and helping 44 children to make sense of the fire and to still feel safe and sound while they themselves, come to terms with the event themselves.  

From the Canadian side, we are so thankful for the team that we have there. From the Kenyan side, they rely on our support to help rebuild and to strengthen them for another day of rebuilding.

Pray for them, please. 


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