VBSThe first day at Bethel Rays of Hope was a complete success.
It was slightly overwhelming once entering because the original plan was to have around forty children, and we ended up having close to ninety.
Through out the day the feeling of being overwhelmed became more humbling. The children welcomed us with handshakes and “Jambo”.  With the help of Mama Joskey, Michael one of the teachers, Felix and many others, everything was well organized and entertaining.
In the morning once they were done tuition, which is like summer school for them, we started off with Rae doing a flannel graph story of Noah and the Ark. After that we broke into our three teams. Joskey in charge of Team Red, Jasmyn Team Pink and Rae Team Gold.
Sadly, after a vigorous game of Capture the Flag, Rae’s team fell to Joskey’s who rained victorious. With Team Red holding their heads high they were in for a change when Team Pink, Jasmyn’s team, came out from the loss and took the lead with points.  During the week, we will be collecting the points everyday, then at the end one team will win a prize.
YT-RaeanneYT-Branish Another thing that was quite overwhelming was the fact that all of next week will be for planning the Crusade.
The tent crusade will be running from Wednesday until Saturday, practically and all day and night party of praising the Lord, Jesus Christ, and fellowship. We are YTeam- Edith & kidsexpecting hundreds of people to join. Among the craziness of the Crusade we will be hosting other orphanages, youth groups and Sunday school classes at Bethel to join in
fellowship and worship.
YTeam-gamesThat will be happening the Saturday morning of the Crusade.
We are very humbled and blessed by all that God, or friends and family have done for us already.  Cannot wait to see what Day 2 holds for us.
Please pray for strength, patience and moments where we can really connect with the children and share with them the Good News.
Asante, thank you.
Rae, Jasmyn and Joskey. The Three Amigos.
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