Some of the boys started helping to carry water to help make the cement after school. Then school had been dismissed for a break and there was more helping hands willing to pitch in. Some where shoveling the sand into the buckets for batching the mix for the cement mixer.







But the younger ones were more interested in trying on some sunglasses and seeing how the world looked though them!  Here Solomon (or Denis, as he is called).  He is the youngest brother to Benjamin and Erickson.  They were rescued from a small village more north of Kisumu as they were found working for whatever jobs they could get to earn any money for food. Their father was an alcoholic and wasn’t able to care for the boys.

The picture on the right is  the first one that we had when they were still in their home sitting.   

They are now catching up in school and doing very well academically but emotionally and physically – you can see that the boys are loving their new “family”. Erikson, the middle boy in age, is called “pastor” because he wants to become a pastor one day. He was the one, on the first Sunday we were there, who got up and preached a 15 minute message that, even as an adult, was very worthy to listen to.

So thank you to the three families here that support these three boys each month. It has made a world of difference to them.

Seth’s  looking a bit flustered trying to tie in wires. The shot-crete guys had totally covered some electrical outlets so he had to find them and chisel then out. 




Meanwhile the news from up top is that the roof is going on.  And that’s good news.  

New reinforcements arrive on Saturday when Robert & Laurie and Rick & Pam arrive from their safari. 

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