It began with Mrs Chamah, Cathy and Janet taking Austine to the hospital after morning devotions. During the school break Austine and Morgan spent a week with their father.  Their mother has died and the father does construction.  So due to moving around for jobs, he is not able to care for his sons. During the break there was an accident with Austine on a bicycle and it very badly damaged his foot along one side, especially at the ankle area. Now 3 weeks later, it’s not looking good at all. Today will determine whether he needs to have a skin graft. 

Austtine is back and they think that it might heal with careful dressing and treatment so Cathy is in charge of that area.

Thursday was a day of waiting for delivery of lumber for the forming of the grade beam and cement, gravel and sand for the mixing of the concrete for the piles. But they finally arrived just around supper time.

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