Rose 2015Bethel of Hope Ministries has been blessed with a wonderful Christian staff. Everyone that works here loves the orphans and are so caring and encouraging with them.  Everywhere you look, you see the staff engaged with the children’ – supervising, soothing, giving them a hug or laughing over something.  It is a very happy positive atmosphere.

Rose is the Matron & is second in charge to Mrs. Chamah in the Home.  She sleeps in the room with the youngest girls to assist them during the night if needed.  She serves their food, cleans the home, washes clothing for the younger ones, gives out medication when necessary and generaly supervises the day to day running of the home.  She does all IMG_0949of this with a smile on her face all the time!

Jacky is her assistant helping with the meals, clothes and  cleaning.  Her two boys attend Bethel Learning Centre. She has been a single parent as her husband died of a heart attack.  She comes just for the day and is home around supper time each evening.

Gordon + Helper

Gordon & Victorine working mopping the toilets

Gordon 2015Gordon is our very able cook. I have decided I could be a vegetarian. Meat is expensive here so we have it very seldom. Instead we have lots of dishes make out of beans – these are two of them:  Green grams & Nyoyo (Githeri). Gordon’s heart is working with orphans. He jogs 12 kms every day one way to get here. It takes him 2 hrs. so his day is very long. He is wanting to move his family closer very soon. The kids just love him and you always see them around him or on him as a brother or father figure.

IMG_0850Vincent is our caretaker.  He is a quiet man who looks after the outside of the compound, including the gardening during that season.  He is the extra pair of hands for everything that is needed. He is a willing worker no matter what is asked of him.  He is also the patron who stays with the older boys in the little Ramba House so that they have an adult with them.

Meet Pastor & Mrs. Chamah and their family at a later date….

On a fun  note:  Yesterday and today I have been teaching the kids some Canadian games during game time. Yesterday we did “duck duck goose” and today  the “three legged race”.  The kids had a blast  falling, getting up, laughing, cheering on and surrounding me saying ‘teacher, teacher, me! me!’   I was also teaching personal hygiene which was hand washing, coughing techniques, using handkerchiefs & basic toileting!  I think I’m glad that I was a physiotherapist and not a teacher!!!!!




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