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Another week has flown by.  The children’s schedule is run by a bell.  Their days start early with waking at 5:30 and breakfast at 6.  Next they are out cleaning twigs, etc from the compound. School starts at 7 and continues till 4:30 for the little ones and 5:00 for the older ones.  Before supper at 6, they do their chores (washing clothes, polishing shoes). Worship time is right after supper with much enthusiastic singing. Next comes homework and finally bed.  In between this  structure, the children find lots of time to play with each other.  They have no real play equipment but amuse themselves with old tires, little sticks they use as toys, playing in the dirt, and climbing trees.

Saturday is more relaxed.  Wake up is at 7 and school starts at 8 for the older ones (gr. 3 to gr. 5) and ends at noon. Some people from the community don’t attend on Saturday. The ones that do come are here to be tutored in areas they are weaker in.

This evening we gave them a slide of all the pictures that we have taken since our arrival.  The kids just loved seeing themselves & their friends. After the presentation, Mrs. Chamah pointed out that “Bethel – one family we stand” is true.  She said that they had really come to be a family, knowing one another’s likes and dislikes.  They were sent to bed reminded  that they needed to be well groomed for Sunday School and to listen to whoever was doing the lesson for the day.  And we start another day…..

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