Sunday night the compound was broken into. The fence was cut by the house and only a chair and a large bucket of water was stolen. However, upon Mrs. Chamah’s investigation it was suggested that either our security company or just the guard was responsible for the break in with the theif/theives.  There were too many inconsistancies.  So after mending the fence with what we had, we went off to church, had a long meeting with the security firm, and then the three of us (Joan, Cathy & Joskey) went off to the Kisumu Impala Park where we enjoyed the animals up close.IMG_0995 IMG_1013 IMG_1036 IMG_1047





We returned and hair was being done and Cathy took the little ones to draw and colour. They loved it! Some of the IMG_1061IMG_1057kids wanted to sneek away with a crayon or two they liked it so much!

Later on it was just more paper work to prepare for the Trust Board meeting for Monday at lunch.

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