As of this date we currently have 210 students attending Bethel Christian Learning Centre. The classes start from Baby class (3-4 yrs old) and goes up to Grade 8. This is the age group where many moms look for “child care” so that they can go out and look for some type of work. This is also one of the highest classes where the tuition doesn’t get paid because the parent/s are just trying to make end meet.

These little ones are taking their afternoon nap on a blanket. The school is going to purchase bamboo mats for them so that they will be off the concrete and less crowded.

The next pictures are some of the teachers as they are attending classes.

As you can see, there’s nothing too fancy about the school. Frankly, we have been told to repair it and quotes came in at about $4,000 mostly for painting but also for the repairs needed because of the erosion of soil & cement at the back side of the school when the rains come. We think that it might be better to look at building a solid building for the future. But funds need to be raised for that.

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