Hi folks, Jim here. I had this ready but was unable to post until now. But if most of you are in Canada reading it then it will be available for you to check out with your morning coffee!


Morning Porage1MORNING PORRIDGE – The day starts at 5:30 for most of the children. So taking a break mid morning for a bowl of porridge is a very important part of the school day. This picture was taken as the children prayed before digging in. Prayer and worship is in every part of life here, it bubbles up in everything the children do and is pure and spontaneous.




Rocket Stove


The ROCKET STOVE – This little invention was an internet discovery from some ingenious people in Canada. The plans were sent ahead and the talented craftsmen here got to work. It’s functional now but still needs a few modifications such as a larger chimney that goes up through the roof. But it has proven to be super efficient and will cut our cooking fuel costs. The stick you see in the picture is fed in slowly as it’s needed.


The Project 1 WORK AND PLAY – When it comes to being active, this large family has it right. After a full day at school everyone ran to change quickly so that they could help out spreading the new rock on the driveway (building it up before the rainy season hits). They did not want to stop and would only quit when the adults gave up from exhaustion. Then we started a game of soccer that lasted until dark and only ended when the adults picked up the ball and said it was time for supper.     Life here is full, and joyful.


If you have any questions about our time here please send me a note to jim.croy@gwl.ca  I’ll be able to get it and will try to reply in another post.

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