This little girl, Maryanne, is 8 years old and in Grade 2.  She received her new uniform and shoes this morning. She’s not wearing the shoes because of a bad sore on her ankle. Her family is desperately poor, and there’s no way they could afford these items. The cost of the uniform and socks was 1,300 KES, and the “good” shoes that will last for many years, were 2,000 KES. (That’s about $45.00). The cost was covered by someone on the team there.  But she is one of the 36 children that still need to have their school fees covered for $7.25 each month.  This will also include her breakfast and lunch meals.
When you are there working, this is not something that you can distant yourself from  like you can when sitting in our living rooms and seeing something like this on TV.  This is real life and real people that the team are meeting. Actual kids  where the families are struggling to provide food for that day and sending their children to school for the hope of a better future for their child.  If you would be interested in helping to support a child like Maryanne for $7.25 a month, please send an email to   You will receive a picture and the school progress reports each year as to how they are doing in class.
Maryanne was very serious for the picture, but had a bright happy smile as she said “Asante” (thank you).  We would also like to say “Asante”  (thank you) for considering helping out.
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