This year was the first year of the Grade 8 exams to be written. Of the 12 students within that class, 11 of them passed with marks 250/500 or higher. The top student was a community child who marks was 380/500 and was awarded a scholarship by Kenyan Equity Bank which means that this student will have their tuition fees paid for all of high school.

One of Bethel’s students, Scovian Atieno was the 2nd highest mark with 371/500.

Along with Scovian, there was also Brian Ininda, Joshua Odhiambo, Brenda Mirriam and Bonface Ochieng who were all passed higher than 275/500. Congratulations to all the students for this was not an easy exam to do and it was the first time that our students had to do it so it was also a learning curve for the teachers as well.

There were 3 other community students who’s parents were not able to pay for their child to go to high school, so the Canadian Board agreed with the recommendation from the Kenya Board that these three students be sponsored for this year for their school fees. We also had one of our previous Bethel Children’s Home child, Yvonne, who had left last year to be with her mother, come back asking for support for her Grade 9 school. It totals $250.00 per child. We felt that this would give the student a chance to work hard together and see what they can do.

Please pray for these students as they are now entering a whole new grade and different schools.

Maureen, in Grade 11, was one of the team leaders who helped to guide the discussion for the Youth Camp that was held just before Christmas.

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