Remember that tree that had to be dug out and removed?  Well, after rolling it down the driveway away from the house, it was stacked and branches and earth covered and then lite with a small fire in the centre to make it burn for about a week to make charcoal.  Then we will use it for our cooking outdoor jeko stove.

That huge pile of rocks that Jack had been sitting on was moved, stone by stone – actually 25 tonnes of stones, plus another 20 that we used part of to put into the grade beam after the soil had been removed. Then it was covered by very fine gravel – like 3/4 & down.  You’ll see Pastor Joel at the wheelbarrow helping out while he was here to visit with us for a few minutes.  He is always a welcome sight as he has a great laugh and is so eager to share his spiritual walk and struggles as he ministers to a very poor group of people.

Sorry this is short but that was all the work that could be done.  However, there’s a couple of pictures of Jack’s I hope you will enjoy. The man is a relative to Mrs. Chamah.  A great picture!


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