Sunday was attending Bethel Chapel where there must have been close to 75 people there – most of whom were children.  It was good to see how they lead the worship with very little if any input.


Afterwards, in the afternoon a number of people went to the Impala Park where some very brave souls got to pet a “big cat”. The flowers were fantastic!








IMG_2132-30-01-17-07-43IMG_2133-30-01-17-07-43Then today the guys kept working on the panels and by the end of the day everything was completed but the one end panel. Tomorrow will see the rebar delivered for the upper floor and the tie wire tied as it gets squared up and ready for cement – for probably  Wednesday.

Seth is working hard now with the panels but he will start to run the conduit for the wiring tomorrow.


Monday was also the day that we celebrated Janet’s birthday – even though it was a little early. Her sponsored child came to feed her a piece of cake and she was showered with  bougainvillea petals and, of course,  water! But the power was off so no pictures.




















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