For so long we had needed to have better facilities. We had tried to build something there for their use but it needed modification and so was never used.  So we ended up turning to something more expensive but Kenyan and it has been very successful. Two large stoves and then 2 smaller ones. This comes in handy when making large meals for all the children. 

First came the addition for the stoves to sit in.


And the chimneys coming out of the roof makes a big difference for the smoke



Dominic, our cook and also male dorm leader working at the two smaller stoves.  

Looks like he’s making porridge for the breakfast meal.








And here are our two faithful workers, Rose and Jackie. 

Rose has been with the Chamahs from the time that they were first married and has proven herself to be the “right hand” of Mrs. Chamah.

Jackie is a widow and has 2 sons in Bethel Learning Centre.  She has been with Bethel since 2014 when we first brought in children. 

 Now that’s a wooden spoon!!
















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