This is a fundraiser for the orphanage that will go towards the cost of food for feeding some of the community children who do not get evening meals at home so they will eat that supper time meal at Bethel. This cost is approx. $475.00 each month.

We made 450 dozen that are ready for your supper table!

Now they will be ready for sale this Sunday, Feb 17th and then next Sunday (24th) at New Life Church in Stonewall for those who want to purchase. This time there’s no orders. It’s come and buy and when they’re gone, that’s it.

It was a couple of fun filled but hard working days where almost 20 people showed up on both days to help out in one way or the other.

A big thank you to Janet Dyrda who was the Head Boss, the muscle & know how behind us all and Cathy & Ray Mackie who helped her peel all those potatoes!

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