Sunday at Bethel Home is very predictable. Time for Bethel Chapel, which is lead by the children with about 60 in attendance and then free time.  However this Sunday the group that represents Bethel to other churches by dance was gone until 7 pm.

  Here they are making cars from water bottles.  Who needs all those new cars from the store?  After a little bit of rest and shopping for some souvenirs (which includes bartering with the local people) on Sunday, they were back hard at work on Monday.


Though this maybe a little dark to see, Philip is busy playing a game with the kids.  By the end of the day, all the team is pretty tired and looking for a shower and their beds. Working hard in the heat can be exhausting.  Thankfully the different members of the team are still trying to connect after the day. 





The walls of the 2nd floor were soon together Monday morning and lifted into position. Super progress but it clearly stopped any breeze coming to refresh the workers.  So it became just boiling hot up there on the cement floor.  But by the end of the day, they had started to put up trusses!  The trusses will get wired and cemented to the walls for extra security against heavy winds. 










Someone caught snoozing on the job! 













Curtis is explaining things to Morgan. We just may have the next generation of builders hot on our heels!










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