Friday evening some of the guys wanted to view the US/Canadian hockey game but were only able to have a nice supper instead. The game would come in only for a couple of seconds and then stop and start and stop …..  and you know how frustrating that can be just when Canada was fighting to have no goals!

Some bracelets were made by Katie and given out to some of the girls in the home – they really enjoyed putting them on and showing them off.  So many of the bracelets matched their brightly coloured clothing – it looked like a perfectly matched picture. Thanks Katie

Can any one guess what Jack is doing down in the latrine?  Dave was reading his Bible this morning and this verse popped out: about a man who digs a deep hole and falls into it…..    Look for the answer this coming week!

Today we started putting on the 2nd floor panels and the electrical so that, hopefully we can start cementing the walls on Monday.  The large area with the beam is the dining area and the other is the electrical going into the kitchen that overlooks the dining.

A moment from Dave:  If I never see snow again, it would be too soon.!!  The building of this home is a sacrifice but if one person’s life is changed physically or more important, spiritually, it is well worth the time and effort.  Personally, some of the things that at first felt like inconveniences are now not even really important. We have adjusted to a new way of living using different standards.


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