One day seems like the other. But today is a mile-stone for us as we have finally poured the beam. Two weeks in the dirt but now we are almost out of it.  Now we will dig out the topsoil in the 6 squares and place the “hard core” – ROCKS !!  They are various sizes but some must weight  100 lbs.  They get placed in the hole and covered with the red fine stone – like our  “3/4″ and down”.  Then we are ready to pour the foundation slab.

So there is much work but not lots of interesting pictures so I thought I would show you our living accommodations.


On one side we have the men sleeping and on the opposite side Randy & I were sleeping in the bunk beds but we have been given a double bed and the bunk beds will go to Brad and Zach, Randy’s nephews, when they arrive on Sunday.

the bedroom in the Ramba house that we had built in 2012 is now our place for our suitcases and tools.  Sharon, who has just finished her Grade 12 and is waiting for her marks, is living with us and stays in the house at night – by her own choice. She is my assistant with the cooking and is doing the laundry every day. \We are so thankful to have her helping us. She is a huge  help.  Here she is getting the tea ready for the men at 10 am for tea break.

I claimed the ironing board as “my office” for the paperwork.  The other room is the toilet/shower combo. This gives us semi-privacy – demanding on how much the wind is blowing in the shower curtain that we bought for us. We usually end up bathing under the stars with no light. The last picture is the water pipe that we get our water from. Tony has many plants growing around in bags so that he can harvest tomatoes, kale, and cow peas – like spinach)


Randy and Tony were carrying a large bag of tomatoes from his garden when they came across a trail of red ants. The rest of guys quickly joined in to see this event. They can be 20 miles long and they only travel at night, carrying their eggs on their backs.  The sun kills them so they only move at night. But if you are in their path, look out – they bite terrible. The rains are coming because they are heading for the high country.  By the end of the day we had poured the grade beam and were SO very thankful. Tony jumped on top of the storage container to get this shot.




I almost forgot – in the middle of the night we heard the mesi guards’ whistles go and that was our signal that they were having an intruder.  We all got up (expect Sieg who slept soundly though) and went outside to see them running past the church and searching in the bushes for …. well we are really not sure. They thought that it might have been some of the Chinese workers who are keeping watch over the road equipment that is parked close to where we are. But it is not clear. Back to bed and back to sleep.

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