Good day to all.  Well, just like you have just regular days – so with us.  Nothing much different.  The ceiling is almost done, the windows and doors are almost painted, we started putting some white stuff on the walls before the paint and we’ll test the paint tomorrow I guess, in a spot to see how it goes. The latrine is starting to have the floor built and we started to sand down the interior doors.  OH FOR A SANDING MACHINE!!

So today Jack went up and took some pictures of what it looks like while working on the roof.

Here is Victor, Evans ( in the blue hat), Tony (doing the wiring) and Randy.  This is the field right next to us on the south side (which is the more shady side by the way!)

The farmer has planted some crops and they are coming up already.  This next picture is the AIC Ramba church just to the west and their little school building. In the distance you can see the big overpass that is being built. There is a major road running in front of the overpass which is under construction.  The airport is just beyond the distant trees.  So we had hoped to be able to wave goodbye to Craig when he left but he flew out over Lake Victoria, the other direction. The lake is just beyond the trees as well.