Rick scraping the paint preparing to paint part of the first house. 

We weren’t sure why but two areas of the existing home needed to be repainted. Completed now.




While going though files and tidying up I came across Morgan and Godwin back when they came to Bethel Children’s Home in the fall of 2014.   

Now look at these boys! They are now 13 & 14 yrs old, growing up quickly.

Morgan is keen to learn everything he can get his hands on!  He is in Grade 6 and was marked in January with 348/500 marks  (70% average). He is incharge of the games equipment (all balls, skipping ropes,etc). So no one takes things without him being asked and aware and then he is responsible for it being returned back. He also organizes games for the children (usually it will be soccer!)

Godwin, who is older but had been very sick as a baby/toddler.He thought he was only 10 years old until just recently so he is adjusting to having four more years added to his short life!  He is in Grade 3 and was marked at 486/500  (97%).  Godwin is one of the boys who is responsible for the Library. Keeping it organized, tidy, repair of books, and helping the younger children with books. 


This is where your money goes – for the running of the home and the needs of the children.  These kids are flourishing in Bethel Home.  

But at the same time we also have children who are supported and live with their parent/guardian.  As with these children. They live with their mother who struggles with her health and somedays is not able to get up to work or prepare things for a meal.  So they have been sponsored and come each day for their breakfast & lunch meals and school. They receive their clothes & basic personal needs like soap & tooth brush & paste plus medical attention when needed.  Life is still a struggle for them as they see their mother struggle but now they are no longer looking in the garbage dump for a few bits of tomato or kale that someone may have thrown out (in a slum area!).  They get to learn and  socialize with other kids.  Christopher  is 11 and in Grade 3  with a mark of 418/500 .   Fanis is 9 and in Kindergarten (Final Class)  with a mark this January of 422/500.  And Sillfanus who is frowning, is 8 yrs old and in Middle Class which is like our Pre-Kindergarten. 

Interested in sponsoring a child?    Maureen Monica maybe?

Maureen Monica lives with her mother but her mother is busy working the streets and sometimes doesn’t return until late or not at all so Maureen has to stay the night at Bethel. She is 6 1/2  yrs ols right now and is in Final Class (Kindergarten) and this past January, her marks were 365/500. We are already  caring for Maureen because her situation was very needful but she needs a sponsor. 
For $50.00/mth you would help us cover the costs for her education, food, clothing and medical care. Please contact Joan at treasurer@bethelraysofhope.com and I will send you some information to get going. 





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