Soccer balls & skipping ropes

Special thanks to Teulon Elementary School who has so generously sent soccer balls, tennis balls,  skipping ropes and reading material for the children.  When Janet asked what the kids enjoyed doing the most, the answer came back “football!!” (which is soccer).   Then when she took out the balls and tossed them to the kids, they were so over joyed!  So after lunch, the kids picked teams with the youngest children being the team cheer-leaders for each team.   We didn’t realize that Sara is a soccer referee so she changed from her sandals into running shoes and refereed the game!

Everyone got into involved playing or watching the game. Most of the players played in bare feet, a few in running shoes.  Later the girls were skipping.  All the games equipment was handed over to the Games Leader – Morgan who is responsible for making sure all the equipment is returned each time and things are not taken without his permission.  He also organizes the games. 














Jeff and Rose cheer them on!

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